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Photo Essay #9: The First 48 in Vegas

Photo Essay #9: The First 48 in Vegas

The Strip at Night

If you take a year off, it’s only fitting that you spend a little time explaining where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

It was actually a pretty full year. I learned how to row. I started painting. I lost 20 lbs. (and gained it back, just so I can lose it again this year). I studied Behavioral Economics in earnest. I played lots of gigs and wrote a passel of songs. I went back to the same beach…

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Confessions of a (Temporarily) Fallen Scout

The BSP blog is back: Confessions of a (Temporarily) Fallen Scout

Fallen Scout

I confess. I may now be able to bake cookies on the dashboard of my car, make polymers in my kitchen, and identify a coral snake with a quick and keen eye, but it appears that I’m an awfully slow learner when it comes to those Big Life Lessons.

Fallen Scout

“Oh dear and hurrumph,” she thought. “When, oh when, will I learn?”

My last post was one year ago today. Even before April 9, 2013, I knew that I needed…

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